Finding Balance: Healthy Snack Swaps to Support Your Goals

In our ever-evolving quest for a healthier lifestyle, our relationship with snacks often takes on a rollercoaster dynamic. One moment, we’re adamantly avoiding them, and the next, we’re diving headfirst into a tub of ice cream to cope with the highs and lows of life. But what if I told you there’s a delicious middle […]

The Importance of Rest and Recovery: Finding Balance in Your Fitness Journey

In our journey towards achieving our fitness goals, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of pushing our limits and making progress. We’re diving into the concept of balance, and today, we have an essential reminder for you: don’t forget to REST and RECOVER. This advice doesn’t just apply to your workouts but […]

7 Ways to Sabotage Your Metabolism

There are probably a few things in your life that you’d like to slow down…  But when it comes to your metabolism? Probably not. Unfortunately, there are plenty of sneaky ways we slow our metabolism down — here are 7 of the most common metabolism saboteurs: You don’t eat enough Your body is smart! When […]

Control this before it controls you

There’s something most of us drink every day to give us an extra “oomph.” It can help you power through a workout, a meeting, or basically ANYTHING that comes your way. Or … it can leave you feeling drained, unable to sleep, jittery, and even in a sad mood. You’ve probably guessed by now … […]

Have you missed a workout lately?

Let’s hop into your Delorean and travel back in time… not too far, just a couple of months. Back to when you set your goals for 2022 at the beginning of the year.  What does YOURSELF from two months ago think about how much present-day SELF has accomplished so far this year? Are you happy […]

Decadent Chocolate treat inside

Have I got a TREAT for you today! Ultra-processed foods work against your health & fitness goals due to their ingredients and they’re also designed to make you want to eat MORE of them. This might lead you to believe you have to eat boring and dull food from now on. NOT SO. I’ve got […]