Nourishing Your Focus: A Reflection on What You Feed

In a world where the average adult spends more than five hours glued to their phones every day, it’s crucial to take a step back and reflect on where we direct our attention. This isn’t about your phone usage, but rather about something larger – your future and the aspects that truly deserve a central […]

Embrace December: A Guide to Getting Present and Thriving in the Final Stretch of 2023

Welcome to December, the festive finale of another year. As we dive headfirst into the holiday season, it’s time to consider the one game-changing action that could make everything else fall into place – the art of getting present. Are you prepared to make the most out of these last few weeks of 2023? If […]

8 Ways to OWN IT

This month we’re focused on taking BIG ACTION toward our goals by doubling down on the one thing that will help you move the needle forward in a BIG WAY… It’s taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY (aka practicing resilience, mental toughness, or whatever you want to call it)! These actions will step up your self-care game AND […]

This Keeps People Stuck

Here’s a trap almost everyone has fallen into at one point or another… Have you ever heard yourself say (maybe only to yourself): “When [insert anything you are waiting/hoping for] happens, I’ll start focusing more on my fitness or health”? It could be when …  the weekend is over your schedule eases up the seasons […]

Simple Tip for Crushing Fitness Goals

What would your fitness routine look like if it were easy? Fact: Most of us LOVE to make things complicated. There’s even a term for it: “complexity bias.”  Complexity bias is when you decide to make a change in almost any area of your life …  and all of a sudden you start thinking about […]

The No. 1 Hack to Make Big Gains

I’ve got some great info for you today that I wanted to share ASAP because it can make a huge difference in your results. Every few days, someone will ask me what I think about some trendy fitness or wellness topic … things as fasting, supplements, a new fitness gadget … Basically, something (anything!) that’s […]