Bouncing Back from Missed Workouts: Quick and Effective Time-Crunch Workouts

We’ve all been there – life gets busy, and suddenly that carefully planned workout schedule is derailed. It happens to the best of us, but what matters most is how we respond. Missing a scheduled workout can create a ripple effect, causing a slip in motivation and potentially leading to a series of skipped sessions. […]

Have 6 minutes? Do this core test…

Want an easy way to test your core strength and endurance? Let’s do it!  Proper form is EVERYTHING in this test, so before you start, make sure you know how to get into (and hold!) a perfect plank position. You can get a form check from an experienced coach who can walk you through it, […]

If You Sit All Day, You Need To See This

When you think about “core strength” … what do you think of? Six-pack abs? A flat tummy? A tiny waist?  Think again!  This month we’re diving into all things CORE — and I think you’ll be wildly surprised at just how much your core strength affects your overall health… Not just the way you look.  […]

12 Days of Fitmas Workout Inside!

Ohhh, are you in for a treat today? It’s one of the most anticipated blogs of the year … because it’s got all of the details for this year’s 12 Days of Fitmas Workout! This is a special holiday workout that will fire up your metabolism and help keep you on track with your goals. […]

12 Days of Fitness Workout (open up!)

Are you ready for a mini-challenge to ramp up that energy and have some FUN!?  It’s time for this year’s edition of the 12 Days of Fitmas Workout! You already know that regular exercise will help you: → blow off some stress, → boost your immunity, → improve your sleep, and → lower your risk […]

Get Lean while in Quarantine!

You’re stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic with Netflix and comfort foods causing you a huge amount of temptation. Not to mention the stress of this uncertain time making it easy to resort to stress eating… The fact is that after this quarantine you’re either going to be in worse shape having gained […]