Best natural method to reset your metabolism

Ready for a quick list of actions you can take starting TODAY that will help you reset your metabolism naturally? The secret is to upgrade your self-care. (Sorry, I’m not talking about hitting the spa for “you” day. 🙂 ) That’s because your healthy metabolism depends on your healthy daily habits. Here are the 5 […]

How many calories do you burn every day?

What if I told you there’s ONE number you need to pay attention to BEFORE you start counting calories, macros, or anything else?  For many of us, this number is a complete mystery. But once you figure it out, it’s a complete game-changer. Ready for it?  It’s your estimated TDEE – aka your Total Daily […]

4 Must-Know Meal Prep Storage Tips

Do you know those social media “meal-prep” pics of food containers that are stacked up all perfectly in people’s refrigerators? They’re not as great as you think. Yes, they might look great (or “oddly satisfying,” as they say on social media) … but those plastic containers can actually do more harm than good. Unfortunately, plastic […]

How Hidden AGEs are Secretly Aging You

Today’s topic may make you rethink how you cook your meals, i.e., more salads and less flame-roasted burgers!  It has to do with a gooey, disease-promoting substance that can build up in your body because of 1) the foods you eat and 2) how you prepare them.  Here’s a visual: picture your grill after you’ve […]

How Many Burpees Does 1 Cookie Equal?

A few years ago I remember seeing a chart of “burpee equivalents” for food. Do you remember it? A cookie = 141 burpees Small meatball sub = 402 burpees Big Mac = 506 burpees I’ve also seen charts for how many miles it takes to walk or run off different foods: 1 hour and 23 […]

This Fad Doesn’t Work

“Moderation” is one of the biggest buzzwords in wellness right now.  But guess what? It doesn’t work … Because almost everyone does it wrong.  The fact is, what looks like “moderation” to one person might be something completely different for someone else.  For food, your definition of “moderate” can depend on what you grew up […]