A Shout Out to Our Local Businesses

A Shout Out to Our Local Businesses

We’re living in new territory right now, and I want to spread this message of gratitude, in support of our local community. 

This topic is a little unusual for my emails, but I’ve been thinking about how recent events highlight just how truly connected we all are.

Wellness” means a lot of things, and it encompasses so many areas of our lives. 

Community and connection definitely fall under that umbrella.

The past couple of months have been unprecedented (at least in our lifetime). Communities around the world have done an amazing job of pulling together. 

Let’s continue that by supporting the small businesses that make our own local community so great.

These businesses are owned by people who support our local youth sports teams … who step up for fundraisers … who provide jobs … and who are an important part of our local fabric in so many ways!

Elite Sports Castle Hill

DF Financial Services

T.J. Matthews Plumbing Services

Rouse Hill Physio

Liquor Co. – Annangrove Road

Fornari Interior Linings

Scape Hair Design Rouse Hill

Mr Browns Painting Service

Forum Electrical Services

Mars Forklifts

Luxe Cakes & Co

Connie’s Beauty Spot

Coochie Hydrogreen Kellyville

Integrity Dental Dural & Baulkham Hill

Rapid Pressure Cleaning 

Virginia Campbell Graphic Design

Years from now, we’ll look back on this with 20/20 hindsight and feel proud of how we all pulled together by supporting each other! 

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