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The Easter Bunny Workout

                    So here we are on the Easter long weekend. Have you been naughty with your food choices this weekend, or planning on having some extra chockies today just to help the kids out with their stash of eggs? Well today I have something to help you out. You're more than ... Read more »

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5 Big Benefits of Fat Loss

Almost every new client comes to me with the desire to lose fat – for a variety of reasons. The most prevailing reason that I hear is that they want to look more fit and attractive as a result of the fat loss. Maybe losing fat in order to look better is a strong enough motivator for you, but I’ve ... Read more »

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Avoid these 5 Fitness Mistakes

Walk through any gym or poorly run boot camp and you’ll notice many mistakes. Mistakes that waste time. Mistakes that put people in danger. And mistakes that are just plain crazy. Maybe you even make a few of these mistakes yourself. By avoiding these common blunders, you’ll put yourself on the fast track to results. Check out the following 5 ... Read more »

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Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee


We are so confident that you will see significant results, that we are putting it in writing! Sign up today and try us out for 30 days. If after following our specialised training and nutrition program exactly as designed for a full 30 days and you don’t see the results you were looking for we’ll give you your money back.

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