“The Machine”

“The Machine”
(AKA Alison Rahal)

Here is another star in the Baxter Basics family.
Alison is a hard working 31 year old woman who works on the road as a rep fulltime for a well know global company. But it doesn’t stop there for this driven individual, you see at a very young age Alison grew a passion for flowers when she would visit her grandfather and play in his garden. From there she drew her inspiration.
From then her passion for design developed through study in the fine arts, and visual merchandising. This self taught floral designer created inspirational weddings for her family and friends. This then developed into her own business, and Visually Creative was born. Check it out here 

Alison has been training with us since February and has since transformed into what I like to call “THE MACHINE”. Her fitness has improved out of sight and she has lost almost 20cm off her measurements. She is always at training, gives 120% with every exercise at every session. There is nothing she can’t conquer. She has an amazing attitude and work ethic and I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next.

I recently asked Alison some questions about her experience with Baxter Basics:

What would be some of the bad habits you used to have?
Still have them. Just kidding! I used to eat a whole block of chocolate in one sitting, basically binge eat. I hardly exercised, besides walking the dog.  

What have you changed?
I made the decision to eat much more veggies, cut back the proportions and cut down on the sweets. I love to bake, so this was the hardest for me and avoid alcohol, but the occasional is OK. Upped the exercise! 

What has made the difference?
Having goals and sticking to them. Planning meals. And committing to at least 3 sessions of training a week. Not just training with Darren, but running, walking etc. It all helps. I sleep much better at night, and I am a much happier person all round, I feel more focused at work and always look forward to seeing how far I can push myself at the next training session. 

Key rewards from the changes you have made?
Losing cm’s off my waist, who doesn’t want that! Noticing your clothes getting loose. Seeing my improved results online. Feeling fantastic, people observing the change and starting to have definition on my stomach, when there used to be a big fat belly. That’s reward enough. 

Why did you join Baxter Basics?
For the past 3 years I had talked myself in and out of doing something about my fitness and I saw a friend who was successfully losing weight, and her secret was Baxters Basics, and I’ve never looked back.

What would you say to others thinking about joining Baxter Basics?
Don’t think about it, just join. Great group fitness classes, at any stage of your fitness level, we always have a laugh, Darren is a dedicated coach, and always has our best interest at heart. Its more affordable then you think. Once you put the effort in you will see the results. 

Al you are “THE MACHINE”! 

If you too are looking for an affordable fun & exciting way to lose some kilo’s or tone up for the warmer months or even just a nutrition program to get you started on your weight loss journey which is not a crash diet, click here or call 0423 206 744 to find out more.

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Dedicated to your health,