Release the “Tension”

Howdy team

You know that feeling when your muscles are tight, sore and you just want a release?

If you train hard in the gym or at an awesome boot camp, chances are your muscles will get fatigued and go through the cycle we call DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). DOMS is the result of muscle trauma due to the micro tears caused from resistance training. As you work your muscles, you are developing little tears which with the correct nutrition and recovery program,  will repair and grow stronger.

To help relax the muscles and prepare them for another workout, I recommend you grab a foam roller and roll out those tight areas, ideally before you jump in to your training session but really at anytime you can fit it into your busy schedule (even in front of the TV). These guys come in different types and sizes but just the basic roller will do wonders for your muscle soreness and trouble spots.

Check out this video of our recommended roller sequence and get into it!

Spend 15-20 minutes doing this daily and you will notice a massive improvement in your muscle soreness and increase in mobility in no time at all.

DOMS is not to feared and neither is stretching, because as you are contracting your muscles during a workout, these muscles are shortening in length. To maintain and improve your flexibility, it is imperative that you stretch your muscles back out post workout.

Check-in next week where we will take you through a quick and easy stretch routine you can do post workout.

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