New Years Resolutions

Have you set a New Year Resolution? Well it is that time of year when most people set a goal for the year ahead. What is yours? The fact that you set yourself a goal is fantastic and you should be proud of yourself for taking the initiative and striving for something whether big or small. Problem is most people set unrealistic goals and are gutted when they don’t achieve them or they give up when it starts to get a bit hard.

Well I am here to tell you “TOUGHEN UP” you will be ok! When you start to think it is all getting too hard or I’ll just try again next year you are mentally taking the easy way out and setting yourself up for failure.

Stick to it and picture why you set yourself the goal in the first place. Was it to lose weight to be more active with the kids/grandkids or drop a couple of dress sizes to look and feel fantastic. Whatever the goal keep reminding yourself of the end result and what happiness it will bring you and NEVER GIVE UP!

“Nothing great was ever achieved without sweat and tears”

Here are 5 tips for setting your New Years resolution/goals:

  1. Make sure when you write your goals down you are very specific to what you want to achieve. (i.e. lose…kg or run…km)
  2. Your goal needs to be measurable so you can keep yourself on track and accountable. (i.e. measuring tape, scales, GPS or use a professional personal trainer)
  3. The goal definately needs to be achievable. Set your long term goals high but also include short term goals along the way to get you there. (in 4 weeks….in 8 weeks…. etc)
  4.  Must be realistic, something you can physically achieve.
  5. Set a time limit for your goals and stick to it. (lose….kg in….weeks)

Dedicated to your health,