(CASE STUDY) Pup Mansbridge

This guy was the beginning of it all for me.

He started off as my boss some 5 years ago, he is just one of those guys you want to be led by and learn from.
He knew his job to a tee, he is great at managing his staff and is just an all round great guy to hang out with.

I had just completed my studies to be a fitness professional when I parted ways with the company and before I knew it, he was knocking on my door to change his health around.

The gentlemen I am talking about is Luke Mansbridge???? (aka Pup)?, the old boss turned first member of Baxter Basics and now known for his 108 consecutive push-ups followed by 6+ minute planks.

He has transformed, plain and simple. But nothing about how ??he has got here is simple. This guy has worked his butt off to get where he is now.
He found it really tough in the beginning and has had the odd setbacks like most people confront.
?The bender weekends, holidays, illness and injury. But one thing he doesn’t lose sight of is the end game. Why he is doing this, and his determination is second to none.

You see Pup has learnt what he needs to do if these setbacks are coming and he plans for it.

Pup is always at training – most days, every week. CONSISTENCY is the key. Not just consistency with training, but nutrition also.

But seriously, you should watch how this guy trains. It is one thing to just show up to boot camp??, but it is another to train like a man possessed 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, he has a laugh with the team but knows when it is time for business and when to suck in the big ones and give a cheeking comment to someone.

?His INTENSITY is always there and his ATTITUDE towards everything in life as a whole is why everyone loves Luke.
??This guy is an inspiration to everyone at our boot camp, us trainers and more importantly his beautiful family.

Congrats on the journey so far mate, you have earnt it.

If you ????want to turn yourself around like this legend, then give us a call 0423 206 744