5 Tips to Training Through & Beating Winter

You are so warm and cosy, snuggled up to your blanket and dreaming about being a movie star like Gwyneth Paltrow or Dirk Diggler…oh wait, Dirks not a real person, or is he? Anyway, the last thing you want to do is go outside. It’s cold, there’s frost on your windscreen, it’s dark and eerie. Workout? Are you kidding?

You’ve been slugging away at work all day, you walk outside from the office and the warm sun has disappeared. It is cold, dark and you have to battle the traffic for who knows how long to get home. Workout? But I’m cold and exhausted…

Does this sound familiar?

There is no doubt training in winter is tough. Whether you schedule to train mornings or evenings there are a many excuses and barriers that you can easily reach for in your mind to avoid it.

My question to you is, are you happy with your body and fitness level?

When the warmer months come around, are you going to be the one ripping your clothes off and jumping into that bikini or pair of budgie smugglers (please avoid the mankini) at the first sign of the sun?

Or are you going to be the one hiding in your trackies on a 30 degree day because you are not happy with your own body?

I know which one YOU WANT to be.

The truth is, it is hard work. There is no sugar coating it. Clean eating and regular, consistent, intense exercise is the key to getting that body you want to be proud of.

We can help you do this.

Here are 5 simple tips.

Tip #1: Schedule it in – You must schedule your workouts and commit to them like you would with any other appointment. It’s time to start prioritising YOUR goals, and not letting other things that pop up get in the way. You are important too.

Tip #2: Get Uncomfortable – That’s right, get uncomfortable before you get comfortable. If you train mornings, than this is for you and you will know what I’m talking about.

Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than normal (I’ll get to why in tip #3). When that alarm goes off in your ear, and you jump like a frog in hot water, immediately throw the covers off your body before you even think about hitting that snooze button…you know that feeling….f@#k it’s cold! This should wake you up, so GET UP.

Tip #3: Shower Power – Setting the alarm 10 minutes early was to allow the extra time for you to jump out of bed and into the shower. By having a shower, not only will it wake you up, but you will be increasing your core body temperature, so when you hit the outside world it won’t affect you anywhere near as much. Give it a try.

This also works for you guys training outside in the evening. Have a quick shower beforehand if time allows.

Tip #4: Cover Your Bits – That’s right, it is winter, it is cold and therefore you need more layers….no shit, I hear you say!

So often we see people rock up to training wearing their shirt, maybe a thin jumper and shorts or tights. My advice is COVER YOUR BITS as much as possible, and as you start to go through the warm up slowly take layers off as required.

This will keep you nice and toasty and concentrating on training, not on how cold it is.

Once you are into your session you don’t even feel the cold anymore, you are hot sweaty and concentrating on other things…like breathing.

Before you know it, the session is over, you feel accomplished and satisfied you dragged yourself out into the cold to progress towards your training goals and tackle the day ahead.

Tip #5: Reward yourself – This goes for anytime of year, but it really helps when it is tough. You must reward yourself for accomplishing set tasks. For example, if you set yourself a goal, of 4 sessions a week for the month of June and you completed all of them, reward yourself. It could be a new handbag, pair of shoes or coffee with a mate. Just starting a training program is just for a reward. Small goals, small rewards will equal continued progress and success to getting that body you deserve.

Quick summary

The hardest part is getting out there and getting moving. The training part is easy once you are there, as long as you have a plan or program to follow. It doesn’t have to be complicated either. If you train with us, we work it all out for you, but you just need to execute with Consistency, Intensity and Attitude.

If you don’t have a program, let professionals like us help you.

All you need to do is, use these tips to get you there, train consistently hard through the tough months and you will reap the rewards come clothes off season.

You Can Do This!


PS Don’t procrastinate and hibernate. Transform you body mate 🙂