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Alex Wright

“ Lost 10cm and 3.7% of total body weight in 6 weeks”

4 years ago: I hyper flexed my right knee during a soccer game collision with a goalie, a pain I will never forget! 6 weeks bed rest, more tests and physio than I could possibly recall, and my ‘sore knee’ became my excuse for everything! I cant exercise ‘my knee is sore’, I can’t play soccer anymore ‘my knee is sore’, I need to emotionally eat all the Mc Donald’s ever made ‘my knee is sore’. My self esteem dropped, my emotional eating sky-rocketed and getting dressed to go anywhere became a stage 5 tantrum.

6 weeks ago: after some encouraging emails from Darren, I blindly signed up for the Baxters Basics 6 week challenge and its changed my perspective on everything! The hardest part for me was getting there the first day, I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t know what kind of people I would meet there. The answer was simple, the trainers and other bootcampers are wonderfully encouraging people and with the smiles and support, I push through every session determined to meet my goals, I went home from my first session feeling instantly better about myself. I have never had to force myself to a session since, its been worth it every time!

I would recommend Baxters Basics in a heartbeat, Darren, Jimmy & all the other bootcampers offer support and encouragement that I would never get at the gym or trying to do it myself. My weight has fluctuated over the years as I tried some of the most ridiculous diet fads around, but Baxters Basics has taught me its all about the food and the exercise, quick fixes never last! As a obscenely picky eater I was worried I wouldn’t be able to stick to the eating plan provided with the challenge, but it is filled with great meal ideas that I enjoyed and my understanding of diet and weight loss has changed forever.

Amy McLeod

“Lost 2% body fat, 7.1kg's and 20cm in 6 weeks”

After seeing my brother in law have so much success after joining Baxter Basics he encouraged me to give it a go. I joined up for the 6 week challenge and I am absolutely amazed at my results. It wasn’t until I put my before and after photos next to each other that I was really blown away, in only a short 6 weeks I have not only changed physically but I feel so much better.

Darren and Jimmy are awesome trainers, they are so encouraging and are with you every step of the way. Each session is different and you will find you are always challenging yourself.  All the other boot campers are a great bunch of people and they are also big encouragers J

Signing up was the best thing I ever did ! I enjoy it so much that I have now joined up for 12 months ! I can’t wait to see how much I have achieved by this time next year !

Dave Wickman

“ Has lost 44cm, 8.9% body fat and 14.5kg”

I joined The Baxter Basics in January 2014 after my extended Christmas/New Year eating and drinking season.

My family and I were at the park and saw a Baxter Basics boot camp session, I then decided to give the free 7 day trial a crack, it only took two sessions with Darren to find out how unfit I actually was.

With-in 2 weeks of training 3-4 times a week I was addicted, and then after 3 months of boot camp I found my fitness had improved but I wasn’t losing any weight due to my bad eating habits.

I decided to complete the 6 weeks challenge to help loose those extra kilo’s, not only did I get a great understanding of how to eat healthy but found that good food doesn’t taste bad. The meals are simple to prepare and easy to follow.

Although far and away the best part of shedding the extra kilo’s and regular exercise is now being able to keep up with my three sons and the extraordinary amount of energy they have. It also feels great getting all those compliments from family, friends and colleagues that provides the extra encouragement to continue with my new lifestyle

Thanks Darren, Jimmy and all my new friends at Baxter Basics for being part of this life changing experience.

Lisa Fyfe

“Has lost 11.6kg, 9.3% body fat & 52cm's”

At 33 years old, and having 2 boys, a 6 year old and a 2 year old, I didnt realise that I was letting myself go so much, until my 2 year old patted me on the tummy and said ‘big tummy mummy’. This, as well as having type 2 diabetes in my family made me decide I needed to do something to get fitter and lose weight. One day in November 2013, I was at the park with my family and saw a group training,  it looked fun, there were people of all fitness levels and it didnt look too hard, so I thought – why not? I’ll give it a go, so I went and spoke to Darren and have never turned back. 6 months on, I’m down 13 kgs, down almost 10% in body fat, have lost over 50cms in measurements, and am the fittest I have ever been been. Having just completed my first 6 week challenge, I am really pleased with the results over the 6 weeks loosing a total of 15cms and 3.2% body fat! Those that know me know I really like my food, so I was a bit worried I wouldn’t stick to the meal plan, but the food was great, filling, varied and healthy and it was really easy to stick to.

The sessions are always different and lots of fun and I feel great after every session. The other boot campers are so welcoming and supportive and we all encourage each other to do our best and push that little bit further. I am yet to wake up in the morning and say to myself ‘I don’t want to go today’.

Darren and Jimmy are amazing trainers and have been so encouraging, committed and supportive to myself and the rest of the team, I’ve watched amazing transformations in everyone, and am proud to say in myself as well!! It is truly inspiring to see and has changed my life! 
I cannot recommend Baxter Basics enough and would encourage  anyone to give it a try because they  will not regret it!!

Thanks Daz & Jimmy!
photo Dec 2013 (2) (144x216)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Jay Narayan

“ Has lost 21.4kg, 69cm and 15.3% Body Fat”

I would really like to thanks the boys, Daz and Jimmy for all their efforts, support and motivation. I have lost 21.4kg, 69cm and 15.3% Body Fat. I’ve never felt so great and I’ve never been fitter.

The results have made me want to train harder, eat better and reach my goals. I now look forward to coming home from work so I can train at the boot camp the ponds.

I now also have more confidence and enjoy having a healthy lifestyle. My girlfriend has also enjoyed all the meal plans and this is now part of our everyday lives. It’s great that we can do this together.

I would recommend Baxters Basics Personal Training & Boot Camp to anyone and everyone who wants to live a fit and healthy lifestyle!!

– Jay

P.S I now also spend my time looking at myself in the mirror hahaha -Love the Baxter Basics crew!!!!!

Salvina Conti

“ Lost 4% Body Fat, 3.4kg's of fat & 20cm's in only 6 weeks”

I started boot camp to try something  new, and it’s been a tough but enjoyable ride. The sessions are always different and challenging.
After doing the “6 Week Challenge” I feel better, eat cleaner and feel stronger than ever, I have lost weight and my fitness level has improved.
I have made lots of new friends along the way and I just  look forward to training each day. So a Big Thankyou to Daz and Jimmy for all your support along the way .

Thanks Sal

Peter Vella

“ Lost 1.1% Body Fat, 5kg and 13cm's around his waist in only 6 weeks”
So I go shopping yesterday to buy some new work clothes. Turns out I have dropped down from having to wear large (and quickly moving into XL) clothes to medium.
Thanks Daz (and Jimmy) for constantly pushing me every bootcamp to do my best. I have learnt a whole new level of respect for my body through healthy eating and regular exercise. I feel great!!

Jade Ashley

“Has lost 9.5% Body Fat, 21.8kg's of fat & 57.1cm's”

I was 27, hugely overweight, unhappy, not confident, formerly sporty kind of person. After a “weekend warrior” netball injury last year (calf tear), followed by an ankle ligament and tendon injury (no thanks to being overweight), I knew I needed to do something. I was hurting myself doing the day to day things I loved, because I was overweight, unfit, and not strong.
I decided to start the program at Baxter Basics after a really encouraging conversation from a dear friend of mine. She spoke of how great the program and the trainers were, how fun it is, and how anyone could do it.
I had huge concerns about not being “fit enough to start” something like this. She reassured me and told I would be fine and that Darren & Jimmy would make sure of it! So off I went.
I signed up to a few weeks of Boot Camp followed by the “6 Week Challenge”, and from day one, I have never looked back!

But it’s not just the exercise program that has been amazing. As a wannabe “foodie”, I loveeeed to cook and bake and these are things I didn’t want to give up. And it turns out you don’t have to! The meal plan on the challenge was fantastic, I had such a great time whipping up these new meals that were nutritious and filling! My instagram has never been so full of pictures of food!

Darren & James have been my absolute saving grace. They make everyone feel welcome, and comfortable. The two things you are most terrified about with something like this. I’ve gone from no training to 8-10 sessions a week, and I absolutely love it!Jade 2014 Jan 10th 112kg (1280x712)Jade March 20 2014 100kg

Jonathan Streater

“ Lost 6% total bodyweight, 6kg of fat and 24cm's in only 6 weeks”

“I joined the Baxter Basics Boot Camp training as I realised that 6 years after retiring from refereeing soccer at a National and International level, that the kilo’s had slowly been accumulating and that I was still eating the same meal portions to the same time I was active in sports. It took me about 4 weeks to get back in the swing of training and I have not looked back. I have also re-discovered the enjoyable component of training, and I have Daz and Jimmy to thank for that.


Daz and Jimmy are great trainers, motivators and mentors. This, coupled with a fantastic bunch of guys and girls who commit themselves 100% to training and helping each other, make it worthwhile. I decided to test myself by entering Baxter Basics 6 week Challenge, and it was great as it worked on both the physical training sessions together with meal plans that have now given me a better outlook on eating healthy. Initially, I didn’t think that I would achieve much, however, as you can see, the results are fantastic, losing 6.5kg’s in weight, 6% in body fat and 24 cm’s in 6 weeks.


A BIG THANKYOU TO DAZ AND JIMMY, for their support, guidance, and, not only helping with the physical training side but also the meal side and eating healthier, and, appropriate portion sizes.”

Jolly Gagan

“ Lost 5% body fat & 20cm's in 6 weeks. Total loss to date is 14kg's and 13% body fat”

I joined The Baxter Basics Boot camp in the last week of Dec 2013. I was on Xmas holidays from work and going hard on alcohol and barbeques every second day with family and friends, not to mention the curries in hurries at home cooked by my lovely mum.

This was leading to massive weight gain and laziness and I was feeling depressed looking at myself and I was unable to fit into my clothes. One morning I decided to jump on the scales and was shocked to find out that I was 2 kilo’s away from hitting the century. It was detrimental.

I went to the massage shop at Stanhope gardens where I came across a Baxter Basics business card.  I texted Darren Baxter and confirmed if I can have free 1 week trial before I can commit myself. I got an instant message back from Darren and it all started on 30th Dec 2013 with double session to start off with. Since then I have not looked back and becoming healthier and fitter day by day.

My first boot camp was hard and challenging but in the best way. Everyone was so nice and encouraging and the work outs were amazing! Everyone that is a part of The Boot Camp truly cared and wants to see you meet your goals. There was no shortage of encouragement from fellow campers and trainers. One thing that I learnt in first session was that “Yes” you can do it. It will take time, effort, it will be painful but results will outshine everything.

I absolutely LOVE Boot camp and it has helped me immensely. I think I have lost around 14 Kilos and most importantly around 12% BODY FAT, the term that I understood since the start at Baxter Basics. But, most importantly, I feel much better in general, confidence level is so high and I don’t need to hide my love handles and not to mention the compliments that I receive from family and friends is just amazing.


– Instructions and demos are very clear, they gives good cues for perfecting form to avoid any injuries and get better results from the exercise.

– Daz and Jimmy are extremely reliable & punctual – always set up & ready to start training ahead of time, with an exercise routine planned.

– 10/10 rating: Provides great motivation and accountability all while providing a challenging and different workout every class, “so you never get bored” and I love the way how Daz and Jimmy are willing to help everyone reach their goals outside the class too!.

– Meal plans provided on 6 weeks challenge are so nutritious and exciting that you never feel that you are running less on energy and or getting bored of food.

I thoroughly enjoy working out in the outdoor environment, and would highly recommend Baxter Basics. I’m proud to say that Boot camp has given me back the motivation to keep myself physically fit. Thank you so much for this awesome program and continuing support!!!

Luke Mansbridge

“ 16kg Down and 20% Body Fat Gone!”
Almost 5 years ago I had put on quite few extra kilos with my weight ballooning out to almost 100kgs and was feeling unhealthy and lethargic. I was even lacking the energy to spend good quality time playing around with my kids.
It was at this moment that I knew it was time to do something about it but I didn’t want to go to the gym as I knew my motivation and drive would last about a week or two and then I would be back to the same old story “I’ll go harder tomorrow” or ” I’ll do double next time”. This is when I knew I needed something more …….bring in the Legend himself Darren Baxter. After a couple of little conversations Darren detailed how I could change where I was heading and begin the road to healthier living.
The first 2-3 sessions were definitely the hardest but once I got into the groove and began training consistently it wasn’t long before I started to see significant gains not just in body shape and clothes but also in my overall energy levels. People were also starting to notice which is always good for your confidence levels. One of the major reasons for the consistency were the actual sessions….everyday was like a surprise and you never knew if it was going to be strength focussed, boxing, core focus or a bit more of a high intensity session. This was a major positive for me as I know going to the gym or swimming I would get bored very easily and hence would give up.
Another big positive versus gym or training by yourself are the trainers ensuring you are getting the most out of you. Darren, Jimmy and Keels don’t sit their yelling at you like you’re in the army, they provide encouragement, correct technique to prevent injuries and a very well structured and organised session. They are also great people who like a joke and a bit of fun along the way although we do question a few of the jokes that float around especially from Jimmy ( probably the Kiwi coming out in him). You also meet some great people who are on the same journey as yourself who want to make a positive change in their lives….and you may even make a few friends along the way.
So after almost 5 years training with these “Crazy Cats” I have lost approx 16kgs but more importantly have reduced my body fat by 20%. I feel healthier and stronger than I ever have even during my footy playing days and can complete a plank 6 times longer than when I started.
Thanks to the Baxter Basics team for their help in turning my health around……..can’t wait to feel that burn again Smile

Sid Abohari

“ you guys have helped me immensely to turn around my physical and mental well being”

Two years ago I decided to take control of my life and joining Baxter Basics was one of the best decisions I have made.

It’s very hard for me to nail down two or even three things that I have accomplished by being a part of such an awesome bunch of guys as there are too many.

In these last two years I believe that you guys have helped me  immensely to turn around my physical and mental well being to such a  level that I am fully  prepared for any challenge that is thrown at me from work ,personal life or the rigid exercise regime that you guys have put in place. I believe every single person in your team is fighting for positive change in life and by being part of their journey is an honour and also teaches us the  very basic and important lessons of life.   In plain simple language to summarise what you guys have done for me is to equip me to “ Start loving this wonderful life”  and I would always be indebted for that and my mere words cannot express what you guys have done for me.

Many Thanks !

Lisa Scott

“ 13kg Down!”
I’ve never really been fit. I never worked out much or ate well. I used to model and perform (theatre) and my weight never really went above 55kg… until I hit my 30s and was introduced to some heavy hormonal treatment by my GP 🙁
I put on 30kg within 3 months!!! I started dieting and even hired a professional nutritionist but the results were pitiful and I knew I needed to do much more. My body transformation quest began just over a year ago when I discovered Daz and Jimmy and I never turned back… It took me a good year to lose 13 kgs and I intend to lose another 15kg!
My body transformed from flabby to toned, and I have developed some endurance and can run 800 metres without wanting to throw up. I feel much healthier and stronger and enjoy the fresh air every morning (so much better than the gym!).
An icing on the cake, I’ve met a group of most beautiful, supportive and funny people I now call my friends. They keep me motivated on top of all of Daz’s and Jimmy’s efforts. I would recommend Baxter Basics bootcamp (and nutritional advice) to anyone who’s really looking to change their lifestyle and challenge themselves to be better and stronger. Thanks Baxter Basics!


Akili Muata-Marlow

“ Missing: 38kg”

That is me in those two photos. Somewhere in between, is a missing 38 kilos.

The one on the left was taken in 2012 and it gives me an anxiety attack every time I look at it. I’d gotten to be like that after about 5 years of eating hot chips for dinner, in between pasta and pizza, anything with chocolate for a daily treat, with a side of soft drink.

I wasn’t always like this. I mean, I was never what you would call ‘skinny’, but this was getting out of control.

I knew I was steadily gaining weight (I mean, I wasn’t completely delusional), and I knew the basics of what I needed to do to lose it (eat well and exercise, right?), I just didn’t know where to start.

I had NO idea of what a serving size was supposed to look like. “Serves 4” it would say on the box. Yeah, all 4 me.

Good carbs versus bad carbs (“What’s the difference?)

A fist size of protein, they would say (“A fist? But I’m starving!”).

Veggies, but concentrate on the low GI ones (“What is a GI?”).

Two servings of fruit, but not the fruits that are high in sugar (Really? I mean, it’s FRUIT!”).

Eat bread sometimes, but only the good kind and not too much (“Huh?). No sugar. No salt. Only drink water. Make that 3 litres per day. Man, I was confused.

I had tried meal replacement shakes, but it wasn’t teaching me what I needed to do for the LONG TERM. I wasn’t going to drink two shakes a day instead of a meal for the rest of my life.

I tried readily-made calorie-controlled delivered meals, but I was dependant on what was made for me and had no idea how to control those calories for a meal I made myself.

I tried joining a gym, but got bored at the monotony and never wanted to look at a treadmill again.

I thought I had exhausted all avenues. I was tired. Tired of feeling ashamed of what I had turned myself into. Tired of waking up every day and battling to find an outfit I felt comfortable in, let alone felt good in. My self-esteem suffered. More than suffered, it was shattered. Every day was an internal brawl. I would hurl abuse at myself. I was my own worst enemy, my biggest critic.

I refused to wake up like that anymore. I no longer wanted to accept that this was my life. I needed someone to help me help myself. In came Darren Baxter.

I started training with Daz in early 2012. I committed myself to atleast 3 sessions per week. I came straight from work to Boot Camp, and then travelled the 55 minutes it took to drive home. Whatever it took, I was willing to do. Within 10 months, I had lost 30 kilos, dropped my body fat percentage by over 10% and skipped my way on down to buy myself a new wardrobe. Man, was that the best reward. Boot Camp became a ritual, part of my weekly routine. Motivation is what got me started and habit is what kept me going. Once I had booked into a session, all I needed to do was turn up, and put in the work. I was holding myself accountable, and if I slipped up, you could count on it that Daz would be on my back. Out of habit, I would pick up an 8kg dumbbell. “Keels, go for the 10kg buddy”, he’d say. He was always pushing me, always challenging me. It was as simple as that. The magic formula that I had been searching for all that time was a mix of determination, awesome sessions that were never the same, a change in my eating habits and a dedicated trainer who believed in me more than I believed in myself.

Today, I am a qualified Personal Trainer (and soon to be qualified Massage Therapist) and work alongside two mates, and over a hundred legendary clients who, for one reason or another, have come to Baxter Basics to change their lives. I still have my own goals to reach; my journey is not at an end.

If my experience has taught me anything, it’s that life is too short to spend at war with yourself, and sometimes you just need someone to tell you that you CAN do it. Do it again. Do it often. And finish with some burpees.

Les Taylor

“I have lost 10.3kg, 27.8 cm and 6.6% body fat and I feel so much better for it.”

I have to say a huge thank you to the team at Baxter Basics. I signed up for a 6 Week Challenge with Baxter Basics at the end of January, not knowing what I was getting myself in to and I haven’t looked back. Since I started have lost 10.3kg, 27.8 cm and 6.6% body fat and I feel so much better for it.

Daz, Jimmy and Akili are always encouraging, supporting and motivating me to push myself further in every session so I reach my goals. Since joining BB have more energy and can honestly say that I have not been this fit in a long time.

The sessions are always different and definitely challenging. Being able to train with others who are just as motivated is a huge bonus. I enjoy the fact that it is run outdoors and I’m not stuck in a ‘normal’ gym.

I highly recommend Baxter Basics Personal Training and Boot Camp to anyone who is considering getting fit and healthy.


Paul Russell

“ I have lost 11kg & 10% Body Fat”

Over a period of about one year, due to poor food choices and a lack of physical activity, I gained quite a bit of weight. It was at Christmas time that I decided it was time to get serious about my health and fitness, lose some weight, be more physically active and have better eating habits.

There was no way I was joining a gym, I needed a structured program to keep me motivated.

I found Baxter Basics and signed up for the 6 week challenge. I was quite hesitant at first due to not knowing what to expect. However, in just 4 months, through a combination of better food choices and consistency in training, I have lost around 11kgs and I can honestly say that I have never felt this healthy or fit in my life. Without a doubt, I look forward to starting and finishing each day with a challenging workout.

There are so many things to love about being a Baxter Basics member. Each session has a different focus area (strength, high intensity, boxing, etc); every fitness level is catered for; the nutritional tools are a great help and the knowledge and support of the trainers is tops.

For anyone serious about living a healthier lifestyle, I would highly recommend giving Baxter Basics a try.

Wayne Curran

“ I've become stronger, fitter, healthier, and I generally feel great”

Hi Darren,

This is just and little email to thank you, Akili and Jimmy for the year I have spent training with you all.

In the time I’ve been training, I’ve become stronger, fitter, healthier, and I generally feel great compared to when I wasn’t training. The results of the testing throughout the year have proven that the sessions that you programmed for me have reduced my overall body fat percentage and increased my strength and fitness.
Before starting training, I had lower back pain from time to time, as well as other issues because of weakness’ in my body. Since training, I have not had any back problems. Other niggling problems have also all but disappeared. The professionalism of the training and trainers in making sure all the movements were done correctly have completely changed the way I carry out day to day activities at home and at work. I feel much more confident when I need to lift equipment that I’d normally try and avoid. The movements have become habit.
Your care and consideration to not only myself, but to all the people training, whether it be for someone managing an injury or someone wanting help in a certain area is second to none.
You provided an environment that was encouraging and never daunting but still you were able to push us to our limits for continual improvement.
So once again, a huge thanks to you and the rest of the team.

Carolyn Z

“ The results are undeniable”

I have always been a keen 6 days per week, self-confessed gym junkie.  However, a few things happened that threw me off routine (including major surgery, a marriage separation and a move from the other side of Sydney), causing me to comfort eat, do no exercise and gain weight…. Fast!

Lucky for me, Dr Google found me Baxter Basics Personal Training & Boot Camp and I gave it a go. It was the style of training I love and thank goodness I made that contact.  Both trainers and members are such a great bunch of people with all fitness levels training and encouraging each other!

With training now sorted, I then had the opportunity to get my food back on track by joining the Game Changer program.  I found the program easy to follow with the knowledge and support of the trainers, and the interaction that you get with the other participants is great and really encouraging.  And it’s real food so I didn’t have to prepare separate meals for my partner. I even had a dinner party and stayed on program!

For me, joining Game Changer was my ticket back to finding the confidence that had started to slip away…  The results are undeniable.  In less than six weeks my clothes were baggy and I needed to get out my old skinny set of clothes!   Woo hoo.  No denying that proof!  When you physically see the results and have people comment to you in such a short timeframe, it also encourages you to turn up to training more.  It’s a win, win!

I now feel that I have the knowledge to continue with a meal plan that ensures long term success.

Lisa Fyfe

“ The last 8 weeks have given me the knowledge and skills to continue throughout my life”

I want to take this opportunity to thank Darren and his team for supporting me and the rest of the Game Changers over the last 8 weeks.

I joined Baxter Basics in November 2013 and lost 10 kilos in my first 6 months of joining, which was fantastic! I was stoked! I was training at least 5 times a week and loved it. As time got on, I used the excuse of ‘I can eat and drink what I want because I train hard’, but after a little while the body fat started to creep back on. This was clearly not going to work.

As they say ‘You can’t out train a bad diet’ – well I worked out this was true.

I’d seen the results of the other people who had completed the Game Changer previously, and was amazed at their results, so when the next call for the Game Changer came out I got on board.

To be honest at the beginning I thought, oh dear, what have I got myself into, but after the first week which was the hardest, with the support of our Coaches and the group doing the GC, I got into a momentum and it became easier and easier. Now at the end, I can’t see how I could go back to the way that I was eating (which mind you I didn’t think was that bad to begin with!) prior to the Game Changer. The last 8 weeks have given me the knowledge and skills to continue throughout my life. I know now how to structure my meals, what to have with what, when to eat, and that it is ok to have a cheat meal here and there to curb those cravings of the things that you used to probably eat more frequently.

I got a few comments from people about how after the game changer will I maintain it and keep it off, and how you do these things you just put the weight back on afterwards, but after completing the program and now having the knowledge I have I know that I will be able to continue it and keep the momentum going.

The program really does work, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to jump start their way to healthier eating and loose a bit of weight at the same time. One thing I will say though, is you need to be 100% prepared to spend the time on it, you don’t get the results that we all got from just cruising along, you need to be incredibly dedicated, committed and focused and put your trust in the programs and coaches. The guidelines which are received at the beginning were my bible, taking it off to work every day and having it at an arm’s reach whenever I needed it, completing your meal plans a week in advance, and then doing your shopping list and buying only that on the list, and then meal prepping where you can so that you are able to quickly get yourself organised each day with your meals. Each day we were made to be accountable by using the Game Changer Facebook page, which was incredibly useful and supportive in keeping all of us accountable and also giving each other ideas on meals. The dedication and focus all starts to pay off when you start to get compliments about how great you look, or you are fitting your clothes so much better!

Just a word on our amazing coaches — — – you could not ask for more dedicated and committed coaches when it comes to Darren, Jimmy, Akili and Jake. Their passion to help people reach their goals and make gains, whether it be loss of weight, loss of body fat, increase of strength, or just overall wanting to become fit and healthy is phenomenal and I can’t thank them enough and am so pleased to be a part of our Baxter Basics Family.

For anyone thinking of joining Baxter’s, whether it be just joining up for fitness, 6 week challenges, or for the more serious Game Changer, I would recommend Baxter Basics to anyone, and you will not regret it.

Thanks Darren, Akili, Jimmy and Jake! You guys are Legends!

Belinda Millard

“ It's about hitting re-set on your lifestyle”
So what exactly is this aptly named “Game Changer” Program all about anyway – from someone who has made it through – delighted with the results and eager for more. What it IS, is about overhauling your life, and quite possibly that of your nearest and dearest, more on that later. But before I get too far ahead of myself, this is what I think Game Changer ISN’T.

It’s not a program for you if you’re not in the right head space. By this I mean – you need to be serious, committed and disciplined enough to invest in this – mentally and physically. And you need to be selfish with your time to ensure that you are adequately planning your success & prioritizing the decision you have made to commit to the 8 week program. You’re going to learn a whole new language & follow science based nutrition that will guide you on your path to success. It’s exciting stuff really.

It’s about hitting re-set on your lifestyle. Changing what you knew, or thought you knew about eating a healthy, well balanced diet, how to lose weight & how training and eating patterns/timing are keys to your success – you will learn so much more – and it makes perfect sense – you really have to wonder why we were not taught this way when we were younger. But hey – what a great opportunity to experience this and to pay it forward now.

Back to the benefits for me, some might sounds bizarre, but absolutely true; (in no particular order)

The obvious ones: “The needs”
Kg’s reduced
Fat loss reduction
Increase in energy & stamina
Change in body shape
Increased muscle tone
A better nights sleep
Significant lift in attitude towards a healthier more positive lifestyle

The less obvious ones: “The wants” that occurred naturally…
Clear skin
Healthy, shiny hair
Cleaner mouth-feel
Decrease in headaches and nasal congestion
Knowledge gained
Friendships made
Decrease in desire to eat sugary foods
Zero desire to consume alcohol, soft drinks and juices
Husband – massive weight loss reduction and significant increase in energy
Kids – interest and appreciation for making healthier choices & a desire to be more active
Life became less reactive/ stressful – meals were always planned for the whole family, shopping lists were made and stuck to $ saved due to reduction in portions of food cooked, less waste
Reduction in environmental waste – our recycling bin has never been so barren

To help you on your journey, you get a choc-full (no pun intended) kit bag. A program to follow that becomes your tool to plan; I suggest you read it and read it, then read it again so it becomes second nature. You also have access to 4 trainers who not only provide expertise, knowledge and guidance, but also give you the kick up the arse when you need it – because their passion for helping us to achieve our goals is immeasurable.

One of the great things about this program is you’re not alone. You have a team of people on the program with you who will very likely become your mates as you share ideas, encourage one another and celebrate your successes. You’re connected through social media and this for me was very helpful – it kept me accountable. And just when you think it’s all coming to an end you get knowlege and guidance on how to continue and maintain your plan.

So like I said, this is not for everyone – I would definitely not recommend it if you are not 100% ready to commit to such a life changing decision. But really, when you read the outcomes and benefits- what have you got to lose?


Bel Millard

Trevor Northwood

“ Lost 12kg, 5.7% body fat & 37cm”

Hi Darren,

I would really like to thank the Baxter Basics Team for there support and encouragement during the six week challenge.

Being a Type two diabetic taking two Insulin injections daily, I was a little nervous embarking on a fitness plan at 51 years of age.

However I should have not had any concerns Darren, Jimmy and Akili were always there to support me through the program and always had a alternative exercise if I was unable to complete any exercise due to injury.

All sessions have been challenging, however they are always fun when you are training and being encouraged by other members.

During the Six Week Challenge I dropped over 12kg in body weight, reduced my body fat by 5.7% and my measurement reduced by over 37 cm.

I was extremely please with this result, yes It did come from hard work and discipline but it was well worth the effort.

However the best result has been that I have now been insulin free for over one month. No more needles and blood sugar has now return to normal levels. I am still taking tablets for my diabetes but with time I feel I may be even able to get off them and control my diabetes with only diet and exercise.

I now look forward to continuing training with the Baxter Basics Team and continue to set and achieve more goals along the way.

Darren, Jimmy and Akili you have change my life big statement but so true.

Once again thanks to the trainers and all other members for there support and encouragement.

I now look forward to training each day with like minded people, my life has truly changed for the better.

Trevor Northwood

Vanessa Bradbury

“ ”

I just wanted to thank you for challenging me to train with Baxter Basics in my bid to get fit, lose weight and be healthy. Since I took on the challenge six months ago I can now fit into clothes I never thought I would be able to after having my two daughters. I also have heaps more energy for them as they are growing up and becoming more active. Thanks heaps Daz, Jimmy and Akili. This is just the intro to my book about being a better me. To be continued ……..

Ness Bradbury

Renee Smith

“ Has dropped 12.9kg and 6% body fat”

Prior to commencing the program, I wasn’t feeling overly good about myself. My confidence was getting low again, and I’d fell into a bit of a rut prior to the Christmas/New Year period.

I was honestly nervous about commencing the program. I had participated in previous programs and had achieved results with them, but this game changer was completely different to the previous ones.

Since completing the program, I have no idea why I was so nervous about it!!! Once I got my head around how it all worked, it was so easy to get through. I found the first week the hardest, but once I saw my results after Week 1, it definitely made me want to achieve all I could with this program. I definitely found my drive for my training, and the results that come with it, return.

The results I had by the end definitely exceeded my expectations. I think by going in with no preconceived notions about it helps, I was willing to do what it took to get results.

Not only did I receive sufficient support from the trainers, but also the rest of the team involved in the Game Changer. The support from everyone involved was beyond great, I think it definitely helped in keeping me motivated towards my goals and finishing the program strongly.

As a result of this program, I find that I am definitely more conscious of what I’m putting into my body when eating. Cheat days are something I enjoy more now, because I’m not indulging in treats whenever I want anymore.

The benefits of this program far outweigh any reasons you may have not to do it. The results speak for themselves, I’m living proof that you can achieve so much just by changing your perspective on things and having a healthier relationship with food. It’s not an easy 8 weeks, but it is definitely rewarding. There will be days when you feel like giving up, but don’t give in. The support is always there, and also the tough love when you need it!!!

Jason Madsen

“ Jason lost over 8kg of FAT and dropped his body fat percentage by nearly 4% in 6 weeks. He has now lost 20kg”

Six weeks ago I made a decision to get my arse off the lounge and stop eating crap and logged onto the internet and found my lifesaver Baxter Basics Personal Training. I signed up for the 6 week challenge and fast forward six weeks and let me tell you that I have never felt better in myself.

My energy levels have hit an all time high, my self belief is through the roof and I have done things i have never thought possible, the 10 k stampede for one. I am so stoked training with Darren Baxter and Jimmy Larsen and all the crew. I lost over 8 kgs in the six weeks and what really matters is I feel sensational and have made many new and wonderful friends with a passion for a better life. Congratulations to all. Well done and let’s all keep up the great work.. “

Dave Wickman

“ Has lost 44cm, 8.9% body fat and 14.5kg”


“ I have lost over 20kg and still going”

After piling on the weight over the years, I thought I’d tried everything; meal replacement shakes, fad diets, detoxes, the works!

I joined the gym but struggled to keep the motivation knowing that the same old treadmill stood waiting for me, while I did the same exercise routine, day in, day out.

I joined the Baxter Basics group sessions and have NEVER had to talk myself into going. I can say, hand on heart, that no session is the same. Darren mixes each session up with different circuits, drills, boxing sets and mixed cardio which keeps me on my toes and challenges me, but most importantly keeps me motivated on my weight loss and fitness journey.

I don’t see exercise and healthy eating as a quick-fix any more. Daz has helped me change and understand that it is a way of life.

I travel from Cronulla to Kellyville Ridge 3-5 times a week to train with Darren because, as a trainer, you won’t find anyone better.

Now, I’m losing weight, getting fit and LOVING every minute of it. Finally, I’ve found the winning formula that I’ve been searching for all these years!

Thank you so much, Darren.

Paul Macri

“ lost 7.2kg and 2.3% body fat in 6 weeks”

Keely Knudsen

“ Keely has lost 30kg and is fitter than ever”
In my late teens I was a happy, fit energetic person but as I entered my early 20’s I started to slowly pile on the weight. At 22 I was looking in the mirror and seeing a very unhealthy and unhappy 95kg Keely.
Before I met Darren I had started to lose some of the weight myself but I knew I needed the expert help and guidance of a professional and that is exactly what Daz has given me.
I started with just one session a week and after a few months I increased to two sessions a week. I now train with Jimmy and Daz a minimum of three times a week and not because I have to but because I want to. I enjoy and look forward to each and every session and I am loving seeing the changes in myself both physically and mentally.
I am now a fit and healthy 65kg at 26 years old who is finally happy in their own skin. I am fitter and stronger then ever before and I can not thank the guys enough for helping me to achieve and smash the goals I made.

Mark Calleja

“ Dropped 7.1kg & 7.4% body fat in 8 weeks”

Prior to starting, I was feeling good about myself, I was expecting to lose a couple of kilos maybe, tone up a little around my stomach and learn how to fuel my body properly.

Now I have gone from good to FREAKING FANTASTIC!

I’m over the moon and so happy with the results of this program. It more than met my expectations. I am now down to 10.2 BF%, wear size 30 pants and have abs. I am lean and strong enough now to sprint/run like I use to when I was in my 20s. 

If it wasn’t for the program I reckon it would of take me another 5-6 months to get to where I am today. Also my expectations on how to eat right were met, this program is super simple once you get into it.

I’ve learnt our body deserves good clean food, and it rewards you 10 fold when you feed it right. The results speak for themselves.I have a lot greater understanding of how damaging crap food is, and the price I pay for eating it.

Get on board if you are 100% serious about making a permanent change, real emphasis on permanent. Stick to this program and you will succeed.

Katie Carter

“I have lost 25kg and 58cm around my body”

I have used every excuse there is known to man not to exercise. In 2002 I had my first back operation due to falling off a horse when I was young. In 2004 I was back under the knife having a complete fusion done on my lower back. This gave me the best excuse not to exercise or get into any sports because I didn’t want to hurt my back again. I piled on the kgs over the 10 years from that point. I knew I had to do something and had tried the fad diets and exercising on my own, however this never lasted as I would quickly lose motivation and again come up with excuses. That was until I found Baxter Basics and of course my 2 fantastic trainers – Darren and Jimmy


I started with Baxter Basics back in May 2012. After meeting Darren straight away I knew I would have a fantastic trainer who would push me to the max. Having that first weigh in really opened up my eyes. Standing on the scales and seeing 123.7kgs show up really scared me (although deep down knowing that this wasn’t actually the heaviest I had been). After my first session I asked myself “what have I gotten myself into” as I was that exhausted and unfit that I didn’t think I would last another one. It didn’t take long for my “are you kidding me” face to come out when Darren would ask me to do something that I didn’t think I would be able to but never did I not try. I went from training one day a week to 3 times a week and loving every minute of it. Over the past 18 months I have suffered with what seems like never ending injuries but Darren is always able to work around them and I still leave my session all sweaty and exhausted. I started training with Jimmy about 6 months ago. I thought I would have an easy way out because Jimmy didn’t know what I was capable of. It didn’t take me long to realise that I was actually cheating myself doing this. I went into my next session with Jimmy giving it my all and feeling so much better for it. Now Jimmy knows what I am able to do and he pushes me just a little bit more each time.


For me this has been a long journey in changing my life and way of living, but I can happily and proudly say that over this time I have lost about 25kgs and nearly 60 centimeters off my body with the help of Darren and Jimmy. My fitness level is the best it has ever been (well for as long as I can remember). I still have a wee bit left to reach my ultimate goal but I know that with the support and encouragement that I get from both Darren and Jimmy that I will get there.

Alicia McCarty

“ Shed 10.7kg & 6.6% body fat in 8 weeks”

Before starting I was feeling absolutely awful about myself. I didn’t like looking in the mirror. I was on my way back to becoming 105kg, like I used to be many years ago, and I was terrified. I never wanted to get over 70kg again, but I had done it. I was desperate, so I contacted Daz to find out if he had any advice on what I could do, and he suggested I do the Game Changer program.

Post program, I feel incredible. I enjoy looking in the mirror. I often look at my body, to take in what I am seeing. I have spent so much of my life hating the way I look (even when thin!) so it is a really nice feeling to be comfortable and happy in my body. I want to do it all again. It was so worth it, and I am so glad I did it. It was worth every cent I paid, and more.

I was SUPER nervous going into the program. I knew it was going to be hard, that it was going to completely change my eating habits, which at the time of starting the program, consisted of me binge eating and drinking wine on the weekends, and eating lots of hot chips. I was mostly nervous that I wouldn’t stick to it, though. But I did. I NEVER wavered. Not once did I give it and have just one piece of chocolate, or just ONE chip. I saved all of these things for cheat days, which, to be honest, I went a little crazy sometimes.

I think the main thing that kept me going was the people doing it with me, and the fact that I saw SIGNIFICANT results immediately. Yes, immediately. I lost 5kg in the first week.

The support exceeded sufficiency. It was constant. Whenever you needed help, or to ask a question, or whenever you made a mistake, the trainers were right there, ready to give you any and all information. They kept you accountable by telling you where you went wrong and what you needed to do to get straight back on track. They didn’t judge you, just reminded you that you were doing this for yourself, and were always so encouraging.
I learnt so much about what types of foods to eat and when, which was really interesting. My main learning, however, was that I could actually do this. I could actually lose all that weight I gained, again (I had lost it once before but it back on). I learnt to trust myself. I learnt that I DO have willpower. I learnt that when I really, truly want something, I am completely capable of getting it.
If you are contemplating joining Baxter Basics or doing this program, DO IT. Just do it! If you truly want to change your lifestyle to be healthier, and in turn lose significant weight and body fat, just sign up. Don’t worry about it, it is easy to follow and so worth it.

Kimmy Taylor

“ I have lost 12kg”

Hey Daz,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for the last 11 months. I am so pleased with the results I have achieved. I would not have been able to do it without your encouragement and you pushing me through each session. Your sessions are always enjoyable and different which makes it easier to come and get through the pain.

I have seen great results on the scales by losing 12kgs and many cms from everywhere and my fitness levels have increased dramatically. I also have the energy to chase the kids all day.

Thanks again


“ I have lost 12 kg and would be safe to say I am fitter than I ever have been”

I’ve been training with Baxter Basics 3 nights a week for around 4 months now and couldn’t be happier with the results so far.

I was doing 1 day a week prior to that for a couple of months and obviously not achieving relatively anything. After a good talk with Darren and listening to more accurate advice (not guess work like i used to use) it became 3 sessions per week, more dedication and also re-evaluated my nutrition with Darren’s help.

Darren runs a very good ship, great knowledge, variety in sessions, advice, encouragement, dedication to clients and also I cant forget the great bunch of people that train their guts out in the group sessions, it makes it very easy to look forward to training.

I have lost 12 kg and would be safe to say I am fitter than I ever have been.
As time has passed during the time at Baxter Basics, I have more energy (most important as my almost 3 year old daughter runs on batteries that just don’t go flat)

I am more dedicated to eating better and it is easier to eat healthy and like you say “the right type of meal at the right time”, I live by that rule now.

The days of Gym memberships have gone for me, training at Baxter Basics is now a lifestyle thing to stay fit and healthy.

Thanks for opening up my eyes and your help and dedication throughout the past few months in particular has been life changing.

Cheers Daz

John Vimalraj

“ My goal was to reduce some weight before Christmas holiday. Now I am happy to look at myself in the mirror.”
“I’m so lucky that I joined Baxter Basics”. My goal was to reduce some weight before Christmas holiday. Now I am happy to look at myself in the mirror.
In the past five years I have gone to different gyms, boot champs and personal training businesses but haven’t achieved any goals like I did this 6 week challenge.
From day one of training, I started loving the sessions. The interesting factor is every day it’s a completely new set of exercises and I never get bored. They are well composed training sessions and very effective. The team also give regressions or progressions  on exercises for individual needs, helping to push that little bit further.
Talking about the trainers,  they are friendly, approachable, motivating and encouraging throughout the sessions. Jimmy and Akili are the best in the field. Each and every exercise they give demonstrations, so it’s easy to follow. I can’t hide anywhere, they call my name and correct my exercise technique which helped to improve my posture and avoid injuries. The attention is like one on one training. 
Support system is very good at training and after training. Darren continues posting in social media group, articles and video BLOG related content including exercise, nutrition and other tips, which has helped me a lot. I read many times the same article, so informative! I also appreciate their prompt response on all the clarifications.
It wasn’t easy for me to spend time in training with three young kids. But at Baxter Basics, there are plenty of sessions available per week. If I miss one, still I am able to choose another one. Their on-line portal and booking system is awesome and very useful. I am able to reschedule and get alerts. Monthly weighing is a good feature and tracking our weight online with the graph keeps reminding me of my goals.
Summary: The six week challenge helped me to realise my potential and changed my look and lifestyle. Not just reducing weight, I learned a lot of lifestyle changes especially eating healthy.  Thanks to the Baxter Basics team”

Rachael O’Reilly

“I Lost 4% Body Fat, 3kg of Fat & Developed 1.6kg of Lean Muscle in only 6 weeks”

Hi my name is Rachael,

I am going to tell you my story of why i decided to change my future with BAXTER BASICS PERSONAL TRAINING & BOOT CAMP.

I was once upon a time fit, healthy & happy. Things changed in my life and I got bored and stopped going to the gym, so the weight came on & I became unhappy.

Some time passed and I was still unhappy with myself, I knew this was not where I wanted to be & a change was needed. So I decided in order to make that change it was up to ME to get out there & do something about it!

That’s when I found BAXTER BASICS PERSONAL TRAINING & BOOT CAMP and the “6 Week Body Transformation Challenge”. 

It was just the thing I was looking for, something to challenge me and a goal to set and achieve. WELL , from the very first day I knew I was alive!!! The following days I was in pain, a pain that woke my body to the inner core. I wanted more & more so I kept  coming back but not just for myself but for the welcoming atmosphere of the other boot campers and the encouragement and dedication from the fantastic duo that is Daz & Jimmy from BAXTER BASICS, you  guys Rock !!

I was chuffed with my results as the weeks past & am pleased to say I had amazing results at the end of the 6 week challenge. I am now looking forward to the rest of my journey  and a long term commitment with BAXTER BASICS PERSONAL TRAINING & BOOT CAMP and for a happy healthier me!

Thanks Daz & Jimmy,
Hi fives all round


Jess Satterly

“ Has lost 12.5% body fat & 39kg in just 10 months”

I was feeling a little out of sorts after coming back from Holidays and Christmas break. I felt good about myself, motivated to get back into training, but was wanting to get more results out of my training.

I felt very unsure about starting a new program. I was expecting to lose a fair amount of weight and body fat percentage if I put in 110%.

I definitely feel fitter, better and more confident within myself. I don’t feel bloated when I eat anymore. I don’t have any cravings which helps me stay on track. I feel like I can continue my journey with a new found confidence to succeed long term.

I get so much support from the coaches and I would definitely recommend you do this program.

Alison Rahal

“ Alison Lost 7cm in 7weeks”

Hi Darren,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the time and effort you put into our fitness training sessions. I have never met such a dedicated person.

From the moment I met you, you have given me the most sound advice and quality training above and beyond anyone I know.

You have solid research in all aspects of fitness and I know every session I go to I’m guaranteed to have an awesome workout. When I started your training sessions I was relieved to see the mix of age groups, different fitness levels and cultures within each group. The fact that everyone was mingling and quite social made me feel very comfortable. But I was most sincerely impressed when I saw your sketch book of drills and workouts. This showed me you are professional and organized.

Not only are you dedicated during the training sessions, but you give your time outside this by monitoring our fitness levels, updating us with relevant fitness information, inviting clients to attend fitness social activities, maintaining encouragement towards each client, not only during our workout but through social media, and not to mention the online fitness program.

Your calm approach to the way you train us is a relief as I would be less motivated if I was yelled at by a navy seal. And the proof is in the pudding to be able to loose 7 cm’s off my waist in 7 weeks, I am ecstatic!

Thanks again Darren!

Tash Sharpe

“ Dropped 13kg in 12 weeks”

Hey Darren,

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for all your help.
I though after having two kids I would never get back to my pre baby body, now I have lost 13kgs in just 12 weeks and feeling great again . I could not even run around the block when I first started and now thanks to you I can run the streets of Stanhope Gardens.

You kept me going when I had had enough and felt it was all too hard, so a very big thank you because without your help I never would have got there.


“ my fitness levels have increased, my cholesterol levels have gone down and my body is so much more toned and defined”

I joined Baxter Basics Personal Training about 4 months ago and I cannot believe the difference it has made to my health and fitness levels.

Just when I thought there was nothing more that I could do to improve my ‘post’ baby body – Darren’s bootcamp training sessions proved the exact opposite of that. After having my children, there were many different diets, health and exercise tips that I tried – hoping to achieve the fitness levels and figure I attained before having my children. It got to the point where I thought that I just had to start accepting the fact that it was never going to happen. But since joining Baxter Basics, my fitness levels have increased, my cholesterol levels have gone down and my body is so much more toned and defined – even more now than what it was before having my children. Seeing these results motivates me to push myself further and harder each and every session.

Darren is a wonderful and professional personal trainer who pushes you to your limits in a way that is challenging yet comfortable. Thank you Darren, for pushing me beyond any limit that I thought I had. My improved health and fitness levels and the excellent and dramatic change that has been made to my lifestyle – I owe to you.


“ ”

Katie Cooper

“ I've become a stronger, fitter person and after 16 years I finally have my abs back”

Boot camp, personal training no way. Well that’s what I told my self until my sister introduced me to Baxter Basics. I used to pay a fortune to attend a fancy gym but never got the benefit out of it like I do at Baxter. Darren and Jimmy are fantastic and cater for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. I’ve become a stronger, fitter person and after 16 years I finally have my abs back. The professionalism, expertise, encouragement, motivation and friendship makes you want to train everyday. I cannot thank the Baxter basics team enough. I recommend that you come and join, you won’t regret it.

Kristy Coverdale

“ I have lost approx 10kgs and cm's off my waist, hips, legs arms and butt”

Why Baxter Basics Boot Camp you ask?

Because as far as I am concerned you couldn’t find better. I have been training with Daz and Jimmy for the past 3 months doing 1-2 boot camps/week and a PT session/week and the results have been amazing. I feel better than I have in well over a decade. I have lost approx 10kgs and cm’s off my waist, hips, legs arms and butt within this time but the biggest thing for me is that I am loving it.

Are there times that I want to stop and say this hurts and is too hard – of course but Daz and Jimmy keep you on track not with yelling and screaming but with encouragement and non-stop motivation. They are great with advice and tailoring sessions to help you smash your personal goals. The other boot-campers are all welcoming, friendly and encouraging to new faces and this makes it a great environment.

Thanks Guys!

Peta – Stanhope Gardens

“ Hey Daz! Can’t tell you how much I love the training sessions:) I am on a euphoric high after every one!! Thanks for turning my life around”

Jessica Buttigeig

“I have lost 22kg and 53cm from my body”

I am plus sized and I admit I used to look at boot camps and think I would love to join one but was always so paranoid that I wouldn’t be accepted because I was so big. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up, I can’t do what they’re doing and I didn’t fit the boot camp “image”.

When I approached Baxter Basics I was informed that I could go at my own pace, do what I can and you’ll be pushed only to your limitations. I am currently doing the 6 week challenge and I have had great results. I am humbled by how supportive and encouraging all the other people are at the sessions. The trainers are great motivators but the team environment really spurs me on to push harder just when I think I can’t do anything else.

I have quickly learned that it doesn’t matter about your size, if you need to change your lifestyle and want to be healthier then you can! No more excuses. Thanks to Baxter Basics I’m starting to feel so much better about myself, my attitude towards food has improved and I actually look forward to every boot camp session. Stay tuned because I am confident that I will be a Baxter Basics success story.

Nim Matutina

“ I now feel fitter and stronger - ready to tackle anything!”

I have always been reluctant to join fitness groups, thinking that training on my own was enough. Since joining the crew at Baxter Basics, Daz and Jimmy have taught me how to focus and push myself harder each session. Training has given me more energy, and the this was the first thing i noticed. I now feel fitter and stronger – ready to tackle anything! We all spend a lot on meaningless things, why not join Baxter Basics and invest in your health and body!

Gemma King

“ It is completely empowering”

I’ve been working with Baxter Basics for around a year now. Honestly the experience has been life changing. For me it’s just not about the fitness aspect, it is also about training your mind to push through the ‘uncomfortable’ and the ‘difficult’. Darren knows all our group members personality type and which points of leverage get you working. He has a wonderful ability to encourage you with a gentle hand and the right words. If you’re ever thinking about starting PT or joining a boot camp, you won’t regret it. It is completely empowering.

Jo Roach

“ I have seen such a change not only in my fitness levels but also in my confidence”

I’ve been training with Darren 1 on 1 since February 2012 and in that time I have seen such a change not only in my fitness levels but also confidence while doing exercise. Before I started with Darren I had been kick-boxing for a year but had no change in weight or much change in fitness levels.

After starting with Darren he has always been able to give me advice when I need it, encouragement when I think I can’t finish the set and when I complain about hating a particular exercise he has reasons on why it’s good for me and why he does it (maybe there is method to his madness).

Darren makes training fun and it’s never the same, I’m constantly waking up with a sore body the next day!! My fitness levels have sky-rocketed over time and I even go for a run these days which is something I never even considered before or work out at home nearly everyday.

The difference between Darren and a lot of other personal trainers is that he actually cares about making everyone as healthy and fit as they can be. I honestly don’t think you’d find a trainer more dedicated then him!


“ Lost 10cm across her chest, waist & hip measurements in 8 weeks”

You know if it wasn’t for you I would still be struggling to run 100m. You motivated us all to start a new lifestyle in which fitness, as well as healthy eating, have become ‘the norm’, and I am so grateful for that. I have a new outlook on fitness now, and again that is thanks to you. I DO feel FITTER and I certainly look FITTER than I ever have. Another mum from school I haven’t seen in a few months couldn’t believe how my body has changed. She said to me “ Oh my God, what have you done…you look amazing!”

So the moral of the story is, I have never felt this fit and healthy since I was 18 and active.

Natasha Sharpe – Stanhope Gardens

“ I can’t believe how much weight I have lost in such a short amount of time. I am really happy and it makes me motivated to keep going. You are doing such a great job. Thanks”


“ Darren has been training me for three months and I have really enjoyed his training sessions. He keeps the training interesting by constantly mixing up the workouts. Darren also throws in some unique exercises that are fun and challenging and have yet to experience with anyone else. If you are looking for a personal trainer around Stanhope Gardens or the Hills district, I would very much recommend you give Darren a call”

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee


We are so confident that you will see significant results, that we are putting it in writing! Sign up today and try us out for 30 days. If after following our specialised training and nutrition program exactly as designed for a full 30 days and you don’t see the results you were looking for we’ll give you your money back.

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