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(CASE STUDY) Pup Mansbridge

This guy was the beginning of it all for me. He started off as my boss some 5 years ago, he is just one of those guys you want to be led by and learn from. He knew his job to a tee, he is great at managing his staff and is just an all round great guy to hang out with. I had just ... Read more »

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Trainer Profile: Meet Akili Muata-Marlow

Guys today I want to introduce you to one of the most incredible people I know. Akili is one of my closest friends and is one of the trainers at Baxter Basics. Akili has only been with us as a trainer for a few months now after being a client with us for a couple of years. If you are ... Read more »

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“The Machine”

"The Machine" (AKA Alison Rahal) Here is another star in the Baxter Basics family. Alison is a hard working 31 year old woman who works on the road as a rep fulltime for a well know global company. But it doesn't stop there for this driven individual, you see at a very young age Alison grew a passion for flowers when ... Read more »

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